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Ready for Action – Creative Writing Piece

For this I just wrote without structure and allowed the words to flow. Here’s the result…

Jane strolled aimlessly along the lonely pathway. The murky water of the river beside her was still as the midday sun reflected in its centre. The chatter of the town was distant which only served to make her feel more alone. She sighed as she stopped to lower herself slowly to the ground. The dry earth appeared to be moving somehow as nature’s creatures marched in unison on their important mission. Jane allowed her mind to wander for a moment. She giggled to herself as she tried to imagine what these little ants were thinking of her. She pictured a small gang of them all gathered together equipped with miniature army helmets and ready to defend their families. They were ready for battle so why wasn’t she? A swan came into view as it drifted gracefully around the corner. Despite being cloaked in solitude this swan held its head high, confident in its own skin. Once this stunning creature was almost close enough to reach out to, Jane began to smile as she noticed it’s arrogance. Dipping in amd out of the water excitedly while still ignoring it’s audience. The swan made her think. She should be capable also of creating her own waves and following her own path. Inspired, she leapt to her feet ready for action. Action was exactly what she was going to get too. For too long she, unlike the swan, was consumed by the judgement of others and the interference she dealt with because she couldn’t find her voice. With her sights and her heart set on her future she could now not only speak out but roar in the face of adversity. If she was going to protect a whole country she must first start by guarding her hopes and her dreams. They were fragile too. She was scheduled to leave next week. She was about to be cast into the relative unknown far away from anything that resembles home yet she knew it was the right thing to do. She was going to make a difference and leave her mark. She, like the brave ants, was ready to be a defender.

You Were Born To Shine: A Dedication Through Music

This post and these songs are a dedication to my ghost that I won’t forget. Often the ghosts of our past are actually the hands that guide us into the future. Old friends become blurred out faces, people we once saw everyday get harder to remember. Despite this, the ones we once knew are still ever present in our lives as beacons of light shining through in the lessons we learned from them. They may decrease in importance to you but there will be the few whose importance never fully ceases to exist. There will be some you forget and ones that are impossible to forget. You may find yourself even thinking of someone in particular right now who was special to you. Perhaps you’re even thinking about something you wish you’d said to them. All of this may sound pretty deep but it makes a lot of sense to me so I wanted to share with you all.

Because they are so beautiful I’m actually going to include the lyrics to ‘Reach For The Sky’ for you all to enjoy. If you’re interested, the lyrics to ‘Shine On’ can be found here.

Reach for the Sky

Watch you waste away.
You were born to shine, left behind.
Slowly fades to grey.
Yet you say you are fine, but I fear you are blind.
How could you believe that you’ve done wrong?
You don’t believe in yourself.

Reach for the sky
I would pick you up if I could.
Open your eyes
I would pick you up if I could.

Listen to the sound,
of your days passing by while you live a lie.
Why’d you turn around,
why’d you say goodbye, was there no reply?
How could you believe that you’re not strong?
You don’t believe in anything.

So, reach for the sky
I would pick you up if I could.
Open your eyes
I would pick you up if I could.

And then I saw your face
and you were left alone
but you’re not alone
you’re not alone [x2]

Reach for the sky
I would pick you up if I could.
Open your eyes
I would pick you up if I could.

You’re not alone [x5]

Poem – Magic

Away from you, even for a moment, I become a fading shade of a better me
Clinging to the wisps of your scent still lingering sweetly
Finding you in my arms, so warm, a fire I dare to tame
Our mouths and eyes open to echoe thoughts the same
My heart beats as ink flows through my very core
My mind whispers words that messily spill as you pour
Lips collide to lay foundation to our future together
Your scent cradles me as it softly dances. You’re my ever better.

Poem – Better again

These footsteps are now as light as my new attire
My heart is now as warm as a winter fire
I’m in sync with my face for the first time in oh so long
I smile through the saddest words and dance to every song
Wearing black and living in darkness just isn’t my style
It was a dark phase for only a short while
The night is lost as I drown in waves of morning promises
Shaking with happiness I catch all of your wet kisses
I am painted in good fortune, happy in my newest skin
It doesn’t take luck to beat the odds, to win.

Song for anyone who felt hurt or depressed

Growing up she dreamt of her fairytale
She wished for wings or the power to sail
She longed for that crazy, beautiful dance
She longed for you to give her a chance

Going out of her mind and into the sea of luck
The water was like quicksand. She became stuck.
Her head throbbed with the pain of a thousand dreams
Dancing alone is never as fun as it seems

Counting stars across the sky
Beautiful ones waiting to die
Swinging back and forth cradled in life’s grip
Every word becomes a lashing whip
Counting the minutes you gave to her soul
The cracks are there now but you expect her to be whole
The dark clouds were distant but now they’re near
She has no fight left. Now they’re almost here.

Her eyes stung with the taste of a million tears
Do we live to obey love or simple fears?
She had so many questions to ask someone somewhere
Her lips burned with words she’d never share

Hit me she screamed, make me feel pain
Make me feel anything, just feel again
She pinched her arm but she was too numb
Was it a dream waiting for life to come?

Counting stars across the sky
Beautiful ones waiting to die
Swinging back and forth cradled in life’s grip
Every word becomes a lashing whip
Counting the minutes you gave to her soul
The cracks are there now but you expect her to be whole
The dark clouds were distant but now they’re near
She has no fight left. Now they’re here.

Poem – Suicide isn’t for you

I wrote this poem a while ago and I thought I’d share it with you all. We all sometimes need a helping hand, a reminder that everything will be okay. Everybody goes through dark days and even darker struggles but we can survive. Remember that you’re already stronger than you think simply by still getting up everyday.

I’ll walk down every road I meet
I’ll never just sit back in my old cold seat

The world wants you to fail,
expects you to give up trying
Their smiles, meaningless.
They’re all lying.

There’s more than you know out there.
Have you ever stopped, taken the time to care?

It’s not your time to stop wanting more from life.
It’s not your time now, no,
Step back, put down the knife.

The end is too late
But that’s not this time.
Stop holding your breath.
Breathe in life, you’ll be fine

Prove yourself wrong
Carve a home. Belong.
Trust yourself, smile more.
Choose life, choose the open door.

Life is waiting, arms wide.
It’s just a few feet away.
Step forward, step inside.
In it’s arms you can now stay.

Poem – In love with love

Before you I never felt so strongly about anything
I never cared about the future or what it may bring

Now I see a beautiful goddess laying in my bed
You’re the one thing I don’t want to leave my head

I saw our love awaken us both
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes
I saw our feelings inspire growth

You’re the one thing that tells me everything will be ok
It’s in your smile, your warmth, and everything you say

A rollercoaster ride that only goes higher
You’re my reason to breathe, my worlds on fire

More beautiful than the peak of sunrise,
More colourful than a group of butterflies,
More valuable than money or any gallery piece
My love and adoration grows in your arms, it will never cease

A flower coming into bloom shows how pretty hope can be
Hopes of a future with only your kind self and me

We are the love story that will bring a tear to any eye
We’ll be together until the heaven’s make us say goodbye

We’ll create a masterpiece and call it our life
We’ll live together, happily ever after, wife and wife.

Sex is so Sexy

Our bodies crash against each other in waves of heat
Our lips crave the other, your taste so sweet

Leaning forward into our fiery passion
We’ll kiss all night, we’ll make love the new fashion

Your body holds a magnet deep within
It pulls me closer, holds me tight to your skin

Your fingers on my thigh send electricity through the air
You drive me wild as I get lost in your flair

We reach the moment, the beautiful victory
I relax into you, you’re still holding me

Your hands tell my body you want me so much
Your eyes light up with every little touch

I love yous dance around as we give in
Our lust so great, our bodies win.

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