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Keeping My Head Up


Keeping my head up helps me to see how beautiful things can be. It’s worth making it through the darker days to get to see the brightness once again.

Our Imperfections Make Us Perfect

John Legend – You & I (Nobody In The World)

This video actually brought tears to my eyes (yes, I’m a big softy!) because it brings together a collection of so many women of different shapes, sizes and colour and encourages them to love themselves. We are all beautiful in so many different ways. I hate hearing anyone put themselves down, especially because of their looks. I allowed my looks to hold me back from being more adventurous and I ended up regretting doing that. Scars, weight and stretch marks are all part of simply being human. I do my best to dress well and look good but I don’t allow it to consume my thoughts. I lost a lot of weight and as a result my upper arms have stretch marks and a small amount of loose skin. My arms don’t look really bad but let’s face it: you are your own worst critic. Last summer I allowed myself to get upset about my flaws and I let it stop me from wearing certain things. This year I vowed to put it to the back of my mind and do whatever I like while wearing whatever I like so that’s exactly what I did. I feel so much better now. Overlooking your imperfections can be an overwhelming task but you can do it and you can embrace the way you look too.

I challenge you to think of at least three things that you like about your looks.

Remember, our imperfections make us human and your imperfections are so perfect.

Let’s talk about women! Older women in particular!

Let’s talk about women. I’ve been throwing out so much randomness recently but it’s now time to talk about our love of women. The pulse behind the hearts of us lesbians. When I was a baby dyke just after coming out I found myself attracted to older women and that hasn’t changed at all since. Initially there was only a gap of a year or two between myself and the women I kissed or dated but then the gap grew bigger. There’s eight years between my wife and I and I can’t imagine being as happy with someone my own age.

Lisa Edelstein who starred in House caught my eye many years ago when I first watched the show. An older woman in a position of power seemed pretty attractive! I loved her accent too.

Older women seem to suit me as I need someone emotionally mature in my life. I even sometimes prefer hanging out with people who are older than me. I’ve never had a particular ‘type’ that appeals to me but Shane from The L Word was definitely never on my list! I was more of an Alice or Helena fan, myself. What about you? When I was almost 16 I gave up on relationships because it was so difficult to properly connect with someone my age or younger but then I ended up dating someone who was three years older and while that relationship was a disaster at least we could have a decent conversation. I’ve been involved in and overheard so many debates about what the perfect woman looks like but I’ve learnt that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and every woman can be someone’s perfect woman. Women are such beautiful creatures, aren’t they? I thought for years that being heavy made me unattractive and undesirable but after I lost weight I realised that it was my own personal opinion of myself that was injecting these thoughts into my mind and I was attractive to someone both with and without my excess weight.

So, this has turned into a bit of a rant but the moral of the story is… well, I’m not sure about that anymore but I am sure that older women rock!

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