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Strength in Solitude


This post is for dykehype cos you enjoyed A Thousand Words so much…

Strength and an “I don’t care”  attitude amidst chaos.

This defiant little one is a depiction of content loners. The waves are sweeping passed her much like the masses of people march forward in unison like herds of sheep. The sea’s wind and the power of the waves threaten to knock her back but she’s capable of holding her own against all that nature brings her way. Check out the way she’s standing. Now that’s the posture of an independent, badass b**ch. The lonely ones are the strongest among us because they are brave enough to face themselves. I imagine that this little one can see her thoughts before her, see her mind reflected in the water. In solitude we find ourselves. When you can be at peace with yourself you have found real happiness.

A Thousand Words


I took this photo last summer. It was a simple shot taken by the camera on my phone but it’s one of my favourite photos. I think it proves that there is beauty even in being alone. It shows that despite the fact that this little gal is completely alone, she is still looking up. Okay, I know, I’m reading way too much into a little flower chilling out here but I think this little one is very symbolic of the way we often feel. The world around her is so distant. The grass is spreading out in so many different directions, just like our lives sometimes move in ways we cannot control but we still have to hang in there until things start to go our way again.

Lonely Skye

She went racing through the darkness as fast as her twiggy legs would carry her. Maybe if she ran fast enough she might disappear completely. Sweat trickled down her pale forehead. she was shaking so much her muscles ached. The beads of sweat danced among the salt of her tears. She tripped over a lone dusty rock. “No, no, no…” she cried to herself. The heavy weight upon her shoulders came tumbling down around her. The events of the past few weeks were becoming too much for her to handle. “I have to keep moving.” she muttered to herself. She moved quickly to her feet then swayed slightly. The sudden movement caused her to become dizzy. She laughed to herself at the irony of this moment. Her life was spiraling out of control much like the world is now as it revolves around her. She steadied herself then moved towards home. “Home” to Skye is not bricks and mortar. Home is really where her heart belongs. In a dark and shabby diner along a back street in town. As much as it hurts her to go there alone it is something she must do. The people in town seem so carefree. Why? Why are they so happy when her world is over? They’re lucky. They are strong. Yes, that must be it. They must be much stronger than her or how on earth could they be so calm. She needs to talk. Someone once told her that talking helped everything. Or maybe that’s tea… Well, a chat over tea can’t do any harm either way. The rusted old door of the cafe creaks loudly as she pushes it forward. There is solace behind this door. “Clark, something terrible has happened…” she proclaims.

To be continued…

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