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Do you want to see me naked? The media does!

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless is tackling the portrayal of lesbians in the media in her latest track. I love the moment at the end when the two ladies we thought were lesbians hold up a sign asking “Is this what you wanted to see?”. This aims to shock the audience into thinking about the images we are constantly sent by the media. It seems to have become popular to see heterosexual women kissing each other in music videos but this is something Taylor is not happy about! The video also tackles the issues of money, greed and how women are seen in society. The women featured are dressed in bikinis with one of them standing with “Not a whore” written on het back. This is to emphasise the idea that seeing women’s bodies is appealing but when they wear revealing clothes they are deemed as sluts. Taylor herself is normally seen dressed in dark clothing however here she’s seen wearing brighter colours as a sarcastic way of doing exactly what the mainstream world often wants to see.

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