An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

I’m sure most of you have already heard but I just thought I’d put up this post regardless. Today, the 23rd of May, marks the start of a bright new future for Ireland. The majority of voters said “Yes” to same sex marriage and it feels absolutely wonderful. I woke up this morning and was still unequal but by four o’ clock all of that changed. 

People of all ages came out in full force to support this referendum. It was my first time voting and I feel so proud to have made history alongside my fellow voters. My civil partner and I went out canvassing for marriage equality and were met with such mixed reactions that I really didn’t know what result to expect today. Doors were slammed in our faces and we were told by some people that they would be voting “No” to our equality. 

The strangest reaction we received was from one gentleman who confidently told us that gay and lesbian people do not exist. Apparently, according to this guy, lesbians are ugly women who can’t get a man and gay men are just guys who don’t have the courage to speak to women. Obviously. 

Over the past few days I’ve felt such a mixture of emotions. Seeing the pictures of people returning home from other countries, making the journey home from college and work and going out to vote both alone and with their families has really moved me. Such support is overwhelming and I will never forget how I felt when the results were announced. My partner and I had our civil partnership almost four years ago and have always felt, in a way, like we were married but now this is different. This is not in our minds or in our hearts. This is our love given the validation it deserves. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

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  1. Antanika said:

    Its almost embarassing to be Australian. A friend of mine and i were talking about how its so odd that Australia still hasnt Legalised it. That and Pot. When was Australia behind in the times!

    GO Ireland. Its just so wonderful!


  2. Hooray! And I’m so impressed that you went out canvassing, braving some negative responses.

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    • Honestly we didn’t encounter too much negativity. One or two doors slammed in our faces, few bad comments but overall even the No voters were very polite about it. 🙂


  3. gladysandberyl said:

    Simply awesome!!! Well done Ireland!!!!

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  4. I’m so unbelievably excited for Ireland.

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  5. I am so happy to hear this news! Congratulations 🙂
    And I feel that there will always be some people who will oppose change no matter how irrational their opinion be, but what matters is that Ireland is progressing and marriage equality is a very big deal!

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  6. Great news! I’ve been hearing about it all over the Internet, and indeed, it’s a milestone. 🙂

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  7. I can’t believe this is actually happening! It’s clear that equality and change is possible!

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