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Poem – Your body plus mine

Your skin sets my body alight
I want to grab you and pull you tight
To me, to my being, you are everything
You make my stomach twirl and my heart sing

Your face, your lips, they drive me crazy
Let’s trade: all of you for all of me
Your arms belong around my waist
Your lips are mine alone to taste

Let me surrender the best of me to your kiss
We’ll make our own paradise in total bliss
Give me all of you to dress in my love
To lay with you forever would never be enough

My thighs wrap perfectly around your hips
You write I love you with your fingertips
So beautiful, amazing, drown me in your romance
Passion and lust, our most sensual dance.

Fancy me, love me or just want to tick a box?

As a younger lesbian. I was unashamedly flattered when someone expressed an attraction towards me. It felt amazing to know that someone was interested in me and that I was the person on their mind. Recently, however, it was said to me that many lesbians just develop a crush on the lesbians they encounter simply because they are a new conquest. Basically this person believes that lesbians have an uncontrollable desire to follow this kind of a pattern…

1). They zone in on their latest prey.
2). They obsess relentlessly over this person.
3). They kiss/ have sex with/ date this person.
4). Then move onto the next person with great ease.
5). They don’t spare a second thought to said person ‘cos real feelings for them never existed.

WHAT??!! Is this true girls? I’ll admit, I was the type of person who tried not to become invested in relationships because I was afraid of being hurt but this concept just seems unbelievable to me. Do any lesbians actually actively pursue such a lifestyle even throughout adulthood? I hope I’m not coming across as judgemental. I just wanted to know if people do this often because we all want to settle down sometime or at least be in a concrete relationship so how does one follow the above steps with such determination for a long period of time?  Fun is fun and a crush can be short or long lived. That’s fine. Relationships, one night stands, random kisses, they are all a part of life and growing up and I get that. What I don’t get is how someone can be so immune to love and heartbreak. I was once happy to kiss anyone that I had even the slightest attraction to because it was ‘just a kiss’ and I made it clear that it would not go further than that and develop into ‘something more’. Does that mean I even partially took part in the lesbian ritual of unemotional encounters or was it just a part of growing up? There should be a handbook on this stuff. I may have been the object of someone’s affection or I may have been simply a target. Sounds like such a strange theory.

Any thoughts on this? Do you know of anyone who indulged in such behaviour or have you done it yourself? Do you have a crush on anyone right now?

Let’s talk about women! Older women in particular!

Let’s talk about women. I’ve been throwing out so much randomness recently but it’s now time to talk about our love of women. The pulse behind the hearts of us lesbians. When I was a baby dyke just after coming out I found myself attracted to older women and that hasn’t changed at all since. Initially there was only a gap of a year or two between myself and the women I kissed or dated but then the gap grew bigger. There’s eight years between my wife and I and I can’t imagine being as happy with someone my own age.

Lisa Edelstein who starred in House caught my eye many years ago when I first watched the show. An older woman in a position of power seemed pretty attractive! I loved her accent too.

Older women seem to suit me as I need someone emotionally mature in my life. I even sometimes prefer hanging out with people who are older than me. I’ve never had a particular ‘type’ that appeals to me but Shane from The L Word was definitely never on my list! I was more of an Alice or Helena fan, myself. What about you? When I was almost 16 I gave up on relationships because it was so difficult to properly connect with someone my age or younger but then I ended up dating someone who was three years older and while that relationship was a disaster at least we could have a decent conversation. I’ve been involved in and overheard so many debates about what the perfect woman looks like but I’ve learnt that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and every woman can be someone’s perfect woman. Women are such beautiful creatures, aren’t they? I thought for years that being heavy made me unattractive and undesirable but after I lost weight I realised that it was my own personal opinion of myself that was injecting these thoughts into my mind and I was attractive to someone both with and without my excess weight.

So, this has turned into a bit of a rant but the moral of the story is… well, I’m not sure about that anymore but I am sure that older women rock!

Sex is so Sexy

Our bodies crash against each other in waves of heat
Our lips crave the other, your taste so sweet

Leaning forward into our fiery passion
We’ll kiss all night, we’ll make love the new fashion

Your body holds a magnet deep within
It pulls me closer, holds me tight to your skin

Your fingers on my thigh send electricity through the air
You drive me wild as I get lost in your flair

We reach the moment, the beautiful victory
I relax into you, you’re still holding me

Your hands tell my body you want me so much
Your eyes light up with every little touch

I love yous dance around as we give in
Our lust so great, our bodies win.

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