An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

As a younger lesbian. I was unashamedly flattered when someone expressed an attraction towards me. It felt amazing to know that someone was interested in me and that I was the person on their mind. Recently, however, it was said to me that many lesbians just develop a crush on the lesbians they encounter simply because they are a new conquest. Basically this person believes that lesbians have an uncontrollable desire to follow this kind of a pattern…

1). They zone in on their latest prey.
2). They obsess relentlessly over this person.
3). They kiss/ have sex with/ date this person.
4). Then move onto the next person with great ease.
5). They don’t spare a second thought to said person ‘cos real feelings for them never existed.

WHAT??!! Is this true girls? I’ll admit, I was the type of person who tried not to become invested in relationships because I was afraid of being hurt but this concept just seems unbelievable to me. Do any lesbians actually actively pursue such a lifestyle even throughout adulthood? I hope I’m not coming across as judgemental. I just wanted to know if people do this often because we all want to settle down sometime or at least be in a concrete relationship so how does one follow the above steps with such determination for a long period of time?  Fun is fun and a crush can be short or long lived. That’s fine. Relationships, one night stands, random kisses, they are all a part of life and growing up and I get that. What I don’t get is how someone can be so immune to love and heartbreak. I was once happy to kiss anyone that I had even the slightest attraction to because it was ‘just a kiss’ and I made it clear that it would not go further than that and develop into ‘something more’. Does that mean I even partially took part in the lesbian ritual of unemotional encounters or was it just a part of growing up? There should be a handbook on this stuff. I may have been the object of someone’s affection or I may have been simply a target. Sounds like such a strange theory.

Any thoughts on this? Do you know of anyone who indulged in such behaviour or have you done it yourself? Do you have a crush on anyone right now?

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  1. I know I encountered at least one such lesbian in my life and it sucked to be discarded for the next greatest thing when she was done playing with me like a new toy. Unfortunately, I had fallen for her and took the “dismissal” very hard. It’s a crappy way to treat people.


    • It certainly is. The people who behave this way seem to have a way of making someone feel special, wanted and loved until someone else catches their eye.
      I’m sorry you had to experience this!


  2. I have a friend (who is well into her 40’s) who has a mantra.. Women are like library books. Check them out, take them home and return them when you’re done.
    A pretty crappy attitude, in my opinion, but yes: some lesbians think that love is an object to conquer. There are those who see it as a living, breathing thing to be nurtured. I guess it all depends on the individual and the reason they are so guarded.


  3. I like this post because of it’s unwavering complexity to love. And like you I’m blown away by the ease of transition, as in taste testing food. I’m straight, although I have great compassion for all walks of life.
    My intuitive thought is: that transition to love maybe their way of dealing with emotion, however, it doesn’t have to be yours. Allow your unique beautiful self to be your guide and anchor, and just let everyone else move around you. This unique you, is the quality of heart that will be sought out by like minds, if your willing to value yourself as such.
    You’re on an amazing path… blessings be with you.

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  4. Very well put 🙂


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