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Sexy lesbian biscuits! Yes, lesbian biscuits.

Lesbian biscuits! I was having a munch last night (on biscuits, not a rug) and I got thinking about which biscuits would identify as lesbian. I thought of two in particular that could fall into this category so please allow me to introduce you to them…


1. The above Jam Mallows. Why? I think these are symbolic of a vagina. Yes, really.


Get it? The fluffy pink mallow is the lips of a vagina and the jammy centre is the creamy inside. Many people even eat these biscuits by licking out the centre before moving on to the outside. Great tasty treats to practice that tongue action with. Your lady will thank you for all the practice but your hips probably won’t.

2. The second to join this exclusive club is the delicious Cadbury’s Fingers. With a name like that they hardly need an explanation but I shall give you one anyway. What lesbian doesn’t love a finger and what woman doesn’t like chocolate? Well, these biscuits incorporate both of these loves. Amazing, right? I apologise in advance for any disappointment you may experience, however, when your lover offers you a finger and it’s not what you hoped for. These biscuits really are irresistible though, not unlike the action I associate them with.


Maybe you will start assigning your food an orientation now or maybe you will think I’m a silly lez with nothing more interesting to ramble on about but I really did want to share my light bulb moment with you guys! Enjoy your biscuits, whatever orientation they may be.

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