An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

Strength in Solitude


This post is for dykehype cos you enjoyed A Thousand Words so much…

Strength and an “I don’t care”  attitude amidst chaos.

This defiant little one is a depiction of content loners. The waves are sweeping passed her much like the masses of people march forward in unison like herds of sheep. The sea’s wind and the power of the waves threaten to knock her back but she’s capable of holding her own against all that nature brings her way. Check out the way she’s standing. Now that’s the posture of an independent, badass b**ch. The lonely ones are the strongest among us because they are brave enough to face themselves. I imagine that this little one can see her thoughts before her, see her mind reflected in the water. In solitude we find ourselves. When you can be at peace with yourself you have found real happiness.

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