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Poem – Magic

Away from you, even for a moment, I become a fading shade of a better me
Clinging to the wisps of your scent still lingering sweetly
Finding you in my arms, so warm, a fire I dare to tame
Our mouths and eyes open to echoe thoughts the same
My heart beats as ink flows through my very core
My mind whispers words that messily spill as you pour
Lips collide to lay foundation to our future together
Your scent cradles me as it softly dances. You’re my ever better.

Comments on: "Poem – Magic" (6)

  1. Carduus Sanguinem said:

    This is beautiful, well done! 🙂 Envious of your skill.


  2. I am an untamed stallion who does not like the confines of relationships and settling down at this point in my life, especially now that I am getting back to work (one job secured but in need of a second, perhaps tertiary!), and getting ready for university. I am preparing for life in a field known for workaholism and tons of overtime; computer fields are known to often average out at 50-60 hours per week at times, salaried or not! I also want to have as few anchors as possible, so in the event I need to travel or move often for work, I am not weighed down by the complications posed by relationships or family.

    Love is a beautiful thing, but not for me. I am a wild stallion and I know I have the mentality, instincts, and passions of a player, so even the idea of something monogamous or long-term is not something I am into. The reason I just don’t hop around is because it messed up my life earlier, and because I still see as culturally preferable—quite the contradiction, I know! 😀


    • Each to their own. You may be more mature than you think because it takes maturity to be able to say all you’ve said and to view your habits and their consequences so logically. Your happiness is the most important thing for you so if your work brings that to you then that’s fantastic. Maybe one day you will meet someone who changes your mind about commitment. Who knows, anything is possible.

      Personally I love being in a long term relationship. I love being married and having someone to share my life with. We both don’t want children so that’s okay and we both want the same things in life. Before I met my wife I had actually decided that marriage wasn’t for me. Thankfully she changed all of that! Now even if I’m only away from her for a few hours I miss her and coming home always feels amazing.


      • In our country our media has a hold on women, and there is pressure to make single women feel miserable if they don’t have a partner or aren’t actively seeking a partner. My friends, who are predominantly gay men about 10-15 years older than me, are telling me if I don’t find someone “while I’m still young”, that no one is going to want to date “an old hag” (this one guy’s exact words).

        I find myself in a paradox though. I would prefer that, if I am lucky enough to date again, that it be someone I already know, whether as a friend or acquaintance from somewhere we have in common, rather than some random pickup at a bar, club, or online-dating site. But my experience with that has always ended up not only ending the relationship, ut the friendship as well, because dating and relationships change everything—you can’t really go back to that state you were before.

        Perhaps I am so turned off to dating and relationships because it’s so complicated and often illogical. Something straight-up physical, though, is not really the best thing, either, healthwise or other. I prefer a few close, intimate friendships that feed my need for compassion and love, and that is what has always worked.

        You are still right—maybe I will find someone nice. things always change!


      • The media attempts to project that idea here too. The idea that to be happy you must be in a relationship is ridiculous. Regards to finding someone while you are young – find someone that’s right for you instead of finding someone simply because you’re the right age. That’s not a great reason to throw yourself into dating especially if right now just isn’t the right time for you.

        Dating someone you’re familiar with does carry additional risks but it also comes with the potential to be an amazing partnership. I’ll admit that it’s complicated but with every relationship comes the risk that friendships could be changed. I’ve heard of situations where friends take sides after a relationship ends which changes everything regardless of how the couple originally met.

        What is wonderful about meeting the one you want to be with forever is that it’s not complicated at all or at least it wasn’t for me. It feels like a bright summer’s day with little risk of rain. It feels easy even when you’re working to maintain the relationship. I believe that’s out there for everyone.


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