An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

Before you I never felt so strongly about anything
I never cared about the future or what it may bring

Now I see a beautiful goddess laying in my bed
You’re the one thing I don’t want to leave my head

I saw our love awaken us both
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes
I saw our feelings inspire growth

You’re the one thing that tells me everything will be ok
It’s in your smile, your warmth, and everything you say

A rollercoaster ride that only goes higher
You’re my reason to breathe, my worlds on fire

More beautiful than the peak of sunrise,
More colourful than a group of butterflies,
More valuable than money or any gallery piece
My love and adoration grows in your arms, it will never cease

A flower coming into bloom shows how pretty hope can be
Hopes of a future with only your kind self and me

We are the love story that will bring a tear to any eye
We’ll be together until the heaven’s make us say goodbye

We’ll create a masterpiece and call it our life
We’ll live together, happily ever after, wife and wife.

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