An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

Look Inside Yourself

A close friend told me that I’m a good writer. Then she told me again. And again. Slowly her words began to sink in.

Sometimes life takes away your confidence and you’re just left with an unused skill that should have been better cared for. Imagine your talent in the form of a bike… if you do not keep your bike indoors when it rains it will become rusty and it will not look as good anymore. Similarly,  if you forget about your gifts during hard times then they will start to lose the beauty you’ve reflected in them.

I have started writing more than ever now. I must admit, some of it is utter rubbish and borderline embarrassing but some of it I’m actually really proud of. I’m starting to believe I’m more in tune with the Chinese New Year (31st January) than the Irish one as my revelation appears to be in line with their date! My confidence is rising slowly. I’ve got this image in my head that my confidence is displayed in a bar like what you see on your phone to depict it’s battery level. My aim is to fill this bar and reach my full confidence snd full potential. Honestly,  it’s a little bit scary to put your words and yourself out there but my method to combat this is to replace the word fear with adrenaline. Alow your adrenaline to be your guide. 

The lesbian community are a powerful one. Rely on them for support. I’ve taken the first steps towards being who I want to be thanks to some people I’ve met in our community. Some of these people I do not know personally but even professional contacts can play their part if you reach out and grab onto their lifeline. Lesbian is not just an orientation. It is a culture and it’s a community full of hope.


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