An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

The Greatest Word

Love. Love is something so spectacular it’s almost hard to believe it’s real. It’s the only thing I can think of which can be so incredibly moving and powerful yet so fragile. Trust me, once you find love you should hold on to it as much as you can. It is worth battling through hard times as well as good.
The beauty of love is that it comes in so many different forms. It cannot be measured and no matter what happens it cannot just stop abruptly. “I love you” is something I really believe needs to be said more often. Too many people go through their days feeling unloved and unwanted. Sometimes it feels good to be told how much you mean to someone. Let’s face it, mind reading is not a skill that many of us possess so spread some words of kindness. You really never know how much it could brighten someone’s day. I recently read something which stated that a lot of suicidal people often initially become down because they feel unwanted. Imagine how much of a difference you could make in someone’s life! Always follow your heart no matter what. Never give up on yourself or your loved ones. You all need each other more than you realise.

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