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My Conflict with Trust

I would happily encourage people to trust others most of the time but my own personal issues prevent me from following this advice. I always want to and hope to see the good in others and I try so hard to find it. Everyone has some good in them, right?

My greatest struggle is to be able to trust others knowing they will one day walk away. Knowing they could become a stranger or worse still betray you. I hate the fact that I could pour so much trust into someone just to have it all taken for granted or abused. It takes a lot to trust someone and sometimes so little for them to forget that.

On the flip side, life’s too short to spend so much time and energy keeping yourself hidden away. I guess there’s pieces of yourself that are worth hiding and others that aren’t worth the effort of hiding. It’s an amazing release sometimes to just have a rant, let loose and share your thoughts so is it really so harmful? That is my personal trust debate anyway…

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  1. I have the same internal struggles, I don’t see trust as being earned anymore. I think it’s more a leap of faith, I wrote about it a while back, be good to know your thoughts.
    (hope the link works)

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  2. Great post! Personally, I am not comfortable revealing everything to loved ones (i.e. family, close friends), but I have found myself revealing my whole life story to strangers. Maybe it’s the fact that they are strangers, and I probably won’t see them again, and so I tell them all. Strange, isn’t it?


  3. lululove88 said:

    Agreed. When i think about starting a relationship with someone theres a part of me that dreads the beginning because I put so much effort and time and Love and TRUST. To have it end is dissappointing even when you know that its for the best, it still sucks!! So then im asking myself why bother? Why should i go through this risk again? Because thats life. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” (Helen Keller)
    I dont want to die without living my life…thats death on its own.


    • I really like that quote. Thank you for sharing it with me.

      I am lucky enough to be able to say that my relationship is where I am able to trust the most. My relationship is stable and safe. It’s elsewhere that’s the biggest problem for me. I feel like at my age I should be able to figure out who I should and shouldn’t trust but I can’t. Oh well, life’s all about risks I guess

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