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Some people say that when you get married your sex life changes for the worst and becomes less exciting. I totally disagree! Today my wife and I had the kind of crazy passionate lust driven sex that is often something that only new couples experience. She drove me crazy with her touch and drew me in to her more and more with each soft kiss as they slowly became harder kisses. The difference, for us, is that we now know each other and our bodies so well that we can almost read each other’s minds. We know exactly what we both love and it makes things more special. Our kisses are filled with love. Our longing for each comes from a desire reserved for steady lovers. I never slept with anyone before my wife so she is all I know yet everything still feels so perfect. I must admit today was definitely different than usual. I felt so close to her in every way. I never would have imagined a few years ago that someone could say so many things without uttering a single word. Each kiss begs for another and every touch is inspired by the deepest love and trust. I believe in the power of words but actions really say so much more, don’t they?

Here’s the romantic part… On the 26th of this month we will be together four years and yet we are still making love like we are only together four weeks. Married life does change things but only for the better, in my opinion. We finished a beautiful day with a romantic meal together. It’s amazing that we both usually eat different things but our favourite meal happens to be the same thing so that’s what we had. I didn’t think it was possible but I fall more in love with this beautiful woman every day. Myself and Mrs alesbianspeaks are just as happy now as we were on that stunningly bright summers day when we first kissed all those years ago. We actually said “I love you” for the first time the day we got together. Cheesy, right? Sometimes love is cheesy and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Comments on: "Sex after marriage gets better, trust me!" (8)

  1. That’s lovely! My ex and I always had fantastic sex. 15 yrs together and even the last time was really hot and intimate. It was the amount that we used to have an issue with!


  2. magdahe said:

    Aw how sweet 🙂


  3. So beautiful


  4. Yay! And don’t ever lose it. To me, loving is like having a garden. If you work in it all the time, you’ll have a lush productive garden but if you ignore it, weeds and disease is all you’ll cultivate. 🙂


    • That is so very true. We are making our garden as beautiful as possible. Love is the greatest gift you can give and I’m lucky that my wife is very generous with hers 😀


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