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Just wanted to pop up a short post to let all of my followers all over the world know exactly what’s been happening here in Ireland for LGBT people. In case you didn’t already know, on May 22nd a public vote will be held regarding marriage equality. Campaigners are working hard at the moment in the hopes that the yes side will win and the no side are working equally as hard. Some amazing videos have been uploaded in the hopes that we’ll be able to appeal to the public to vote yes. I, like so many other LGBT people and allies, am desperately hoping that history will be made in May.

In 1993 homosexuality was decriminalised in Ireland so, really, we’ve come a long way since then but we still have so much more to achieve. Check out one of my favourite marriage equality promotional videos below and keep your videos crossed for us!

Comments on: "Marriage Equality Vote Ireland May 2015" (4)

  1. Vicky Louise said:

    Oh everything is crossed! It’s about time we come out of the dark ages! Anybody should be able to marry anybody… I might draw the line at ‘keeping it in the family’ but otherwise LETS GET MARRIED! I long for the day I get to walk with my bestest bud down the isle to her beautiful blushing bride!
    Great post – and sending I’m my English luck and wishes over to Ireland!

    Happy St Patricks Day 🙂 ❤

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  2. All fingers crossed – and toes too.


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