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Small LGBT Groups Need You

Ireland is actually so bad sometimes at supporting LGBT events in smaller towns. These small towns are the ones who need the support for their LGBT groups and communities the most. These places don’t have drop in centres, LGBT cafĂ©s or gay bars. They’re not granted the funding required to enable them to get their own premises so their meeting venues are the most difficult to source. They rarely get any funding at all but have so much passion and so many ideas. This is the reality for any group outside of the cities here in Ireland so putting an event together is even harder for them and advertising it is twice as hard. Night club venues don’t want to offer a room on one of their busy nights so you need to hope that people will bother coming to your event on a night that is not usually worth going out on. There’s so many obstacles so why are our own LGBT community one of them?

It would be so easy to fill a venue if the gay people from each area actually got together and went to these events and brought along their friends or family members. Wouldn’t it be great to just sit and chill at an event full of same sex loving peers? It’s so hard to meet other LGBT people in rural areas so when groups put effort into getting an event together I like to see a good crowd at it but unfortunately that’s rarely the case. Rural based groups from all around Ireland post pictures of their events online and the main thing they usually have in common is poor attendance. Why? I love going to these events when the opportunity arises for so many different reasons yet I am constantly disappointed by the lack of support from other people. A group can’t be held responsible for a lack of public support yet the public must have their reasons too for not attending. We need each other to fill these events and keep these small groups going. Together we can make them bigger and we can help to enable them to be more progressive and successful. It would be so sad if these groups and localised events disappeared, it really would. I hope that doesn’t happen.

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  1. Even in the UK and even in bigger towns, LGBT events struggle to stay solvent. I think even Brighton gets a big grant from the council to enable them to go ahead :-/ It’s the story with fringe groups. Sometimes I wish the lesbian club I went to was nicer and played better music, but truth is it’s just not to my taste and there isn’t the choice of the niceties – it’s just be grateful for what you have.


    • Yeah it really is about appreciating and supporting anything LGBT regardless of personal taste. A lot of groups here are funded by the funds raised through events and they have to heavily rely on the generosity of local people and businesses because grants don’t exist here for them. I think these groups are so important though because we don’t have gay bars near us so they’re all we have really.


      • Yes, we are lucky in Brighton, there has been a stable lesbian pub for a while. Just the one though!!! Ain’t that mad, in a place as gay as Brighton? The other lesbian pub packed it in a couple of months ago. Luckily for me, I love the Marlborough in Brighton, they deffo get the right balance for me between atmosphere and being able to make yourself heard enough to socialise. It’s very friendly and welcoming too, which is key for me.


      • That is definitely strange to hear, I kinda imagined a big gay area in Brighton full of gay bars, cafes and rainbow flags haha. A friendly atmosphere is so amazing to have and surprisingly hard to find.

        I’m hoping to visit a gay bar in London the next time I stay with my in laws there. It’ll be so cool to see what the scene is like in the UK 🙂


      • I think there are more gay bars, but not something I’ve much knowledge of. Just a lack of facilities for lesbians.

        There is more in London, definitely. It is not so far away from here, but a drag to have to leave London Victoria for a 70 minute journey after a night out, so I haven’t done it.

        Brighton’s as good a place as any to meet new people though – sometimes in the countryside the problem is not even so much lack of facilities as having the people living around you too! There are lots of LGBT social groups, which is nice.


      • I visited Victoria in London when I was there last. That was the bus station we got the bus back to Ireland from as far as I recall.

        Brighton is such a beautiful place. It’s so peaceful looking. Thank you for telling me what the facilities are like for lesbians living there. It’s so interesting to hear to be honest 🙂


  2. In America most parades are funded by private groups. Even if they use public resources, they can still legally discriminate against us, even states that would otherwise ban such discrimination. The mayor of New York refused to participate in the main St Patrick’s Day and that caused them to lose most of their sponsors, he went to a smaller one in Queens that was GLBT-inclusive.


    • The government here doesn’t offer much support financially for groups for adults here but the anti discrimination laws are great. Next year we will even have a public vote regarding same sex marriage.

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      • Sad how those in power will never have to worry about their rights being taken away bur they have to go through “proper channels” to five the rest of us our due rights. I don’t care for marriage or adoption myself—archaic institutions that shouldnt be seen as nothing more than another kind of civil contract between parties that perpetuate unbalance and inequity between two parties rather than egalitarianism and conplimentarianism—but rhe rights should still be made available to our kind. How does marriage between two of rhe same gender hurts those in heteronormative marriage, I wonder?! I still have yet to hear a logical-soundig argument from that side of the imperial court!!


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