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Free Compliments!


For all of the times that I’m too hard on myself and for all the harsh judgments I cast upon myself I actually forget about all of the compliments I’ve received. Compliments are sweet gifts of the tongue. There’s always something compliment worthy so why not go ahead and tell someone that they brighten your day or that you think they have an awesome smile? It’s free to give away a kind thought so go for it!

I think some people get a bit embarrassed when it comes to handing out compliments so if you’re one of those people maybe you could write it down? My Mom decorates her Christmas cards with messages that express her love for you and that often detail her favourite parts of you and your character. It’s very sweet and makes a simple card a lot more fun.

Pass a compliment on, pay it forward, do a good deed… you never know how much it can change someone’s day. A compliment has often made a crappy day a million times better for me.

Much appreciation,

Comments on: "Free Compliments!" (4)

  1. The Howling Fantogs said:

    Well here comes another one, you are awesome!


  2. Just followed u in twitter so i dont know u but u look good;)


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