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Sheltered Thoughts


Let the bough break, let it come down crashing
Let the sun fade out to a dark sky
I can’t say I’d even notice it was absent
‘Cause I could live by the light in your eyes
I’ll unfold before you
Would have strung together
The very first words of a lifelong love letter

Sara Bareilles – I Choose You Lyrics

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  1. 😀 I’m a huge fan as well! Beautiful, and thanks for sharing! I also just read Where’s Wally? but could not figure out how to like it or comment on it. So, yeah, I do feel a connection with other LGBT folks, like they’re family somehow, in some way. And I find that I feel I am treated better, like in a restaurant when my waiter’s gay, I think I get better service. I mean, if it’s a guy, he’ll usually sit for a moment or recommend something good; and if it’s a girl, then she’s usually extra sweet and I’m a huge flirt and in both situations, they get a better tip than the straight waiter. 😛 And I watch them across the room, and they don’t spend that extra time with Joe Blow, and would never presume to sit for a moment. It’s like … family. Yep, yep, yep.


    • Hmmm I must look into why you couldn’t comment on it. Sorry about that! Family is a great word for it but unfortunately recently I’ve been feeling quite bitter because of the way some members of the LGBTQ community treat each other particularly face to face. Family still sums it up though because families can be cruel too. It’s awesome to have a strong bond with someone you’ve never even met before and that’s what I really enjoy. It’s what I remind myself of when I get annoyed by our community’s behaviour 🙂

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  2. Beautiful, and the picture goes really well with the lyrics.


  3. Sara Bareilles lyrics are beautiful I’m a big fan of her.


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