An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

It’s the summer and love is in the air for some. For those of you that have not been lucky in love: never give up. The 26th of June marks our four year anniversary. We are one of those couples that celebrates the day we got together as well as the day we got married. Life is too short to ignore these special moments. Four years ago I would have told anyone that would listen that marriage isn’t for me but now I’m ready to shout from the rooftops that married life is something special. We’ve had our ups, downs, disagreements and joy. We’ve cried together and we’ve laughed until we cried. I will never take this moment and this happiness for granted.

While there is a lot of bad stuff to worry about and sometimes I can’t even do anything to change it, I have decided that right now, in this moment, none of it matters. The past week has been special for me. I had a mother-daughter day out followed by a shopping trip the next day with my better half. We finished the week with a picnic in a beautiful town beside gleaming boats with the sun beaming down on us. Life is good.

Enjoy the people around you and appreciate what you have. Doing this makes life so much more special and beautiful.

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  1. So so true xx


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