An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

If I can give up chocolate then I can do anything! First, I gave up smoking successfully. After climbing that mountain, my most recent achievement is giving up chocolate which, for me, is actually a major accomplishment. A bar of chocolate was actually my version of breakfast despite the obvious lack of nutrition. Now I genuinely fail to see why I enjoyed it so much. It wasn’t a conscious decision really but it was a brilliant non-decision nevertheless!

I’d really love to post something really interesting but I’m just not an interesting person. I try to be but I’m just not.

I have seriously been considering cutting most forms of social media from my life. My Snapchat’s already deleted. My Twitter has cobwebs forming on it from a lack of use so the last piece in the puzzle is my Facebook. Deleting things from your life that may seem good but have negative effects is a relief and I would highly recommend it. I often feel neglected by the outside world. I feel disliked and used. I even feel like I’m not good enough for a lot of people so right now I’ve decided to spend more time focusing on the really important people and things in my life.

I suppose the message I’d like to leave you with is this: quitting is sometimes a very good thing as long as you’re quitting the right things.

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