An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

Lonely Skye Part Three

Dying. This word should not be in her vocabulary. It shouldn’t even be a distant thought about a  distant future. Yet here she was faced with an inoperable tumor and months to live. The worst part wasn’t dying. It wasn’t even the time she had lost with her family over the past few months. The most heart breaking part was the fact that she was going to die as Skye and not as Greg the popular, good looking guy she always imagined herself to be.
“Skye, let me help you please?” Clark stumbled into her room. He was carrying a large bundle of clothes. “Here’s some of my old clothes. They are nothing special and they will be a bit big on you but it’s a start, right?” he smiled warily, unsure of what exactly one should do when your sister longs to be your brother. “Clark this is great! It really is.” She beamed. Shocked by his attempt to help but more grateful than he will ever know. “Get ready for a make over tonight mate. You’re gonna love this!” he called back merrily as he left her to once again be alone with her thoughts. A makeover. She had never considered a makeover to be the solution to anything but Clark had just given her more hope than she had felt in years. She gazed upon her new clothes. She had spent her whole life hiding her true self but what does she have to lose now? Goodbye Skye. Hello Greg!

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