An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

Lonely Skye Part Two

“Skye!” shouted Clark as he wrapped his arms tightly around her skeletal frame. “Clark, get off, you’re hurting me you clown” she said as she wriggled out of his grip. “I’m sorry Skye but we all thought you were… uhm… dead” sighed Clark. “I’m not dead. Not yet anyway. But that’s not why I came here. I need somewhere to stay for a few weeks, max! Please.” The look of horror and confusion on his face told her that she had almost revealed too much. She hastily said “Look all I meant was we all gotta die sometime, don’t we? Now can you give me somewhere to crash for a while or not?” Clark thought about it as he moved back behind the counter and poured a cup of coffee. He decided she could stay if she explained her absence over the past few months. Not even their parents could or would shed light on it. All they would say was that she was better off on her own. A twenty five year old preferring to be alone certainly didn’t make sense to him. Skye fidgeted as she stared down at her dirty Converse. She promised she would reveal all to him if he gave her a chance so it was agreed that she could have the spare room in Clark’s flat above his diner. She could almost scream with joy.

She broke down in floods of tears once she sat on the edge of her new bed. Since her parents kicked her out she has been drifting aimlessly until now. Skye wanted nothing more than to become a man however now that will never happen. She told her parents this on Christmas eve. A time of family and love. Yeah, right. As part of a routine doctor’s examination her dream ended abruptly. Now her true love and best friend has abandoned her because of fear. She envied amnesia sufferers because they don’t constantly churn their mistakes and regrets around in their minds. Life is easy to them and then it’s over.

She confessed her desired identity to Clark who was surprisingly not surprised. He chuckled briefly then seriously stated that someone would have to be blind and deaf to notice her opposition to anything overly girl related. She couldn’t help but smile when he said this. So she was always true to herself. Amazing. “What happened to you anyway? Have you even been eating over the past while? You’re skin and bone!” Clark interrupted her thought process. “Oh I’ve just been cutting down on junk food. It saves me more money. I quit smoking too.” “So you may be able to afford hormone treatment then if you’re saving money?” he tentatively asked. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.” she replied. He knew she was being purposefully evasive and distant. This isn’t going to be easy she thought to herself.

To be continued…

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