An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

This Moment

She gasped. Her heart started beating faster and her eyes were glowing. Happiness shot through her body as she got high from the power of the moment. She’s more excited than she ever could have imagined. This moment should last forever. This feeling is so good it should be bottled and sold she thinks to herself. Then she looks through the crowd of people and sees her. Everyone else surrounding them begins to evaporate slowly. The vision of beauty gracefully moves towards her. Each step she takes is breathtaking. Her short hair is shining as the gleam of sunshine coming through the sparkling clear windows hits it. The vision of beauty finally stops beside her and they embrace warmly. This is what she’s been waiting for. This is amazing. They grab each others hands instinctively and look forward simultaneously. The woman in front of them smiles brightly and her words wash over them like a warm wave on a cold winters day. This is the start of their time, their ceremony. They are getting married and this is the beginning of a promising and hopeful future. This is what love is all about and everyone deserves the chance to savour the brilliance of true love and commitment.

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