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Two Girls in Love

They sat together quietly. The tension was increasing slowly. Their thoughts connected but yet they did not speak. An awkward look was exchanged followed by a shy smile. The beauty of the moment was captured in their eyes. Both girls wriggled closer together. Both hoping, both waiting. Their soft gentle hands reached out for each other. This was a simple gesture with such a complex meaning. The first time. They both tingled with excitement as their hands connected. This was amazing. The kind of excitement that consumes you and makes you feel like nothing else matters. They gazed into each others eyes. They felt so close they could almost read each others mind. They smiled knowingly. They kissed. All their days of longing was summed up in this moment. This was the start of something magical. This was the start of two girls in love.

Comments on: "Two Girls in Love" (4)

  1. Very nice. Very nice indeed.


  2. abudaaa1 said:

    Beautiful and poetic =)


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