An Irish Lesbian's thoughts and observations…

Breaking Out

A spiky haired tattoo clad lady strolls through a busy town. Her individual look attracts a lot of attention from passers by. They look down upon her baggy jeans and loose fitting men’s shirt. The graphics of her black band t shirt peek through her slightly buttoned down shirt. Her leather boots thud against the heavily worn footpath. She is on her way to volunteer. She is a sister, a girlfriend, a daughter and a best friend. She is also a butch lesbian but she is happy and she is loved and loving.

A neatly dressed lady with a matching handbag and shoes struts down the street. Her make up is applied to perfection and there isn’t a single hair out-of-place on her head. The sunlight illuminates the bright blonde colour of her locks. Her heels clip clop down and the bangles on her wrist jingle. Ladies envy her and men long for her. She is also a lesbian who is happy in her own skin.

There is individuality in every community and the only problem with this is that it isn’t always embraced. Please look beyond the external features of a person before you judge them. A lesbian doesn’t wear men’s clothes because she wants to be a man. A lesbian doesn’t dress in a feminine way because she wants to be with a man. Everyone is interested in different styles and feelings of comfort. The outfit which could make one person feel like a star, could make another person feel completely miserable. Always remember this. Let’s face it though, relaxing in a comfy hooded top is amazing, right?

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